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3 500.00 ₴

Urgently needed housekeeperand nanny in U.K please apply within.

Цена 3 500.00 ₴

Описание объявления

We are Mr and Mrs.Frank Micheal from USA but we are Presently in England due to our company Novagas Inc. (SHELL).
We have two energetic but delightful children aged of 3 and 1 years, their names are James and Janet. we do not require much babysitting in the evening which means that you are free to enjoy these as you wish. On your days off you can enjoy the England weather on one of the many beautiful beaches just a short drive away.
We also have a summer house by the lake which we would like you to spend some time with us in.
I am a Production Engineer with Shell BP, England and works pretty hard, but enjoys going for walks in the glorious grovehamton park. My Wife is a teacher at the local high school here in England too where she teach biology to a range of children.. she had to accompany me when i was posted from the US to England . In her spare time she enjoy painting.
We would like an au pair who will fit in with our lifestyle and enjoy their time with us.. You have a tastefully furnshed accomodation.If you agree to take the position you shall be paid 3500 (Three Thousand Five Hundred Pounds Monthly)and shall be given a weekly pocket money of 500 pounds. Your residence shall be comfortably furnished within the Company housing estate. We are comfortable here as Shell pays us well however we cannot work effectively and take care of our kids hence our solicitation to you to come and Nanny for us.
My Wife, Jennifer would be home each time I go offshore. I stay for about a month or two and return home to spend time with my family. You shall undertake the following duties if you accept to workwith us:
Care for & stimulate the child both mentally & physically, to ensure their intellectual, physical & social development.
Find out about activities in the local area. Ensure that the child/children get regular fresh air & exercise..
Plan & undertake activities on a one to one basis & with children. Develop speech, reading, numbers, letters, colours, social & practical skills.
4.Organise & pr